Easter 2019 @ High Road:
Believe the Evidence!

Over Easter we as a body of believing Christians celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. On Thursday evening we shared communion reflecting on the last meal Jesus had with his disciples. On Friday we shared a journey together as we remembered the events leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. On Sunday we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection – death defeated, victory over sin as Jesus pays the price of our sin, and the gift of eternal life for us.

On Easter Sunday we took as our theme ‘Believe the evidence’. Is this just a nice story? Does evidence for these events exist? If so what evidence? This is a huge topic (which we would be happy to discuss further with you) and so we were only able to look at three aspects on Easter Sunday; ‘The evidence of the prophets’ who said Christ would suffer, die and rise again; ‘The words of Jesus himself’ who said he must go to Jerusalem, suffer many things, be put to death and on the third day rise again and ‘The words of the women’ who went to the tomb and heard the message: He is not here; he has risen.

Pop-up party (garden party)
Saturday 11 May

To our neighbours and the shoppers in Ilford we offer a big welcome … crafts … games … music … and plenty of tea and coffee, cakes and biscuits.  From time to time this event ‘pops up’ in our church front garden. The tables are put out, the tea is made, games are set up and we offer everyone the opportunity for a cupper and a chat or just the chance to take the weight off your feet while the children enjoy the games.

Keep your eyes open as you pass, come and join us, ask that question you always wanted an answer to, learn more about Christianity and the services and activities the church provides, catch up with friends, make new friends, enjoy the hospitality.

Church Weekend:
18-19 May 2019 – Whole-life disciples

The Lord has an amazing way to make something special out of our mistakes.  We had recently been due to go away but when this did not happen –  food … fun … fellowship … games … prayer … all combined for a great “weekend at home” held in the church.

We asked God to help us develop our vision as a church to journey together as the family of God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  And we were not disappointed: our speaker Lindsay Caplen, from London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, spoke to us about:

  • being both a gathered and a scattered church;
  • our frontlines (where we are, who we meet in our everyday activities)
  • recognising we are disciples every moment of every fay
  • the Lord is interested in the whole of our lives – and we are disciples under his Lordship every moment of every day

Often our church mission strategies revolves around recruiting volunteers to give up some of their leisure time for church activities.  But what if the strategy was to equip every disciple of Christ, every member of the church family to be an ambassador for Christ in who we are and all we do?

We came away knowing that this has been an important weekend for us and it has given us a lot to think about and develop in the coming months.  Why not join us on this exciting journey?

Sunday in the Park, 14 July 2019

We came to you, where you there?

On the 14th July on a bright dry Sunday afternoon we brought the church to our local park.  It was an event enjoyed by all ages – those already part of our church family, and those on a journey towards faith in our Lord Jesus and church.

There were games and craft activities, all based on Bible passages, plenty of food, races for all ages, and a tug-of-war. This year’s theme was ‘The Great Park Bake-Off’.  Lots of cakes had been baked – different sizes, shapes, colours, flavours, each unique just like each of us.  Just as each cake was unique and loved by those who ate them, we are all unique and are loved by God.  Lots of us in the park can tell you how we know God loves us and how His love helps us in our day-to-day lives.  If this is not your experience why not get in touch for a chat and we can explain how the death and resurrection of Jesus reveals God’s love for each and every one of us.

Or join us one Sunday morning (one service in the summer at 10.30am and from 22nd September two services at 9.30am and 11.30am).  A warm welcome is waiting for you.

Summer at High Road

What does summer mean to you?  Holidays, children’s activities, visits to friends and family, special times as all the family share in activities together, a change from the usual routine.
Here at High Road we had a special time during August sharing in worship, prayers and learning all together, whatever our age.  Through games, activities and teaching together both children and adults explored in new ways how to live the Christian life, wherever we are at home or abroad, in whatever we are doing at work or home or school or college.  The children coloured world maps and were given plushies with a country name on it where a missionary worked with BMS.  They brought them back and told us all what they were doing in those places.
Naaman’s servant girl showed us you are never too young to be used by God while David reminded us that giants are never too big to be overcome and we discovered that God wants to use us all to speak up for justice and righteousness right where we are day by day. (We had fun knocking down a giant of cardboard boxes that represented some of the giants of injustice.)  We were also reminded that as Christians we have really good news to tell – a message of God’s love, grace, forgiveness and hope found when we share our lives with Jesus

Church Weekend 6-8 September

Have you ever had a holiday with your friends? However long or short, it is usually a wonderful time.

A lot of us at High Road enjoyed sharing a weekend away at the beginning of September and as well as enjoying the company, good food, the sunshine and the countryside in Norfolk we also spent time thinking about how God’s Church at High Road might affirm, equip and support us as we seek to live as Christians every day and in and through every activity we are engaged in.

Under the title of “Imagine Church” we looked at our daily lives, who we meet, the relationships we have with other people and we thought about how God might use us outside of Church activities as well as through them. We identified some of the challenges in our daily lives and circumstances and we thought how when we meet together we might support each other in these challenges. We began to think about what changes are needed within the activities of our church to create such a supporting culture and we went on to consider how taking our Christian faith out into the world would change not only us but also the society we live and work in.

Harvest 15 September

Washing powder, socks and pants are probably not the most usual gifts that we bring to celebrate harvest.  But as the pictures show these were items that were given in abundance at our recent harvest service.

Harvest is always a special time when we remember the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord.  He said: seed time and harvest … summer and winter … and as always the Lord keeps his word.  It was a joyful time of thanksgiving.

Harvest is a little different here at High Road because 20 years ago we set up the Welcome Project within one of our buildings and today it serves 50 people daily with a warm place to find shelter, the opportunity for a shower and clean clothes and a cooked midday meals. For this reason our harvest gifts included not only fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, tinned food, but also washing powder, socks, pants and deodorant.

At the time we remember God’s kindness and generosity it is right that we support those who are without many of the things we often take for granted – food, clean clothes, a warm bed and a roof over our heads.

Holiday Bible Club
21-24 October

The October half-term week was filled with fun laughter and smiles, with games, songs, quizzes, games, craft and Bible stories.  We welcomed a team of 7 volunteers from Hunter Street Baptist Church in Alabama USA who led this week.

The week was called Power Up and the theme for the week was about knowing God.  Using several Bible characters we saw how

  • God wants us to know Him – life of Abraham
  • We can know God through His Word – life of King Josiah
  • God sent Jesus to save us – the Easter events
  • We can help others know God – as we show the fruit of the Spirit.

You can see some examples of our great crafts in the pictures.

The fun, friendship and learning about God continues in the weekly children’s club, Amped, which runs on Friday evenings between 6.45pm and 8.00pm.  For further information contact us at  If you are in Year 3 to Year 6 we would love to welcome you; the club will restart after Christmas on 10 January 2020