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March for Jesus July 2024 event was a success – in the rain this time! Partner churches in Ilford/wider Redbridge did not let the wet weather deter us from bringing the joy of salvation in Christ to the people! This successful collaboration of churches had a varied and creative programme to grab the attention of local shoppers and others passing by. This included a health hub for free check ups, free groceries, songs of praise, dancing, prayers and proclamations of the greatness of God. There were opportunities to chat to local shoppers and others passing through, to share the love of Christ in conversations. We pray for lasting fruit.

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Christmas Journey – sharing the Nativity story with local school Year 1 pupils, December 2023.  Click the photo slider arrow to view more.

Water baptisms, summer 2023. It was a joy to watch and listen to three of our sisters in the faith making their public commitment to Christ.
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Sunday in South Park, summer 2023. Fun, friendship, faith community.

March for Jesus 2023: Another successful yearly event of local Ilford churches coming together to let our Ilford neighbours know that Jesus Christ is real and that He loves them! Appreciation to Liberty Connections church for co-ordinating once again. The Mayor of Redbridge arrived and gave a speech. There was a health checkup area for free medical checks, a prayer area, and refreshments & groceries were given out. Freely we have received and freely we gave! There were gospel conversations with locals passing by and gospel leaflets given out. All glory to God in Christ!

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Israel 2023: Our group of 8 had a very good pilgrimage to Israel & the palestinian territories. Our assigned tour guide and main driver were both Arab believers in Christ. We were given lots of thought-provoking commentary at each place by our guide. Enjoy the photos slideshow (you can move photos along).


Visiting the Pater Noster Church, Mount of Olives. Seeing the Lord's Prayer in many languages.
'Our Father' prayer in Hebrew
View of Jerusalem's Old City from Mount of Olives
Qumran, Dead Sea scrolls discovery area
Masada fortress, cable car ride to the top
View of the Dead Sea (Salt Sea)
St. George's Monastery at Wadi Qelt in West Bank
At the Jordan where John had baptised...
At Nazareth
'Mary's Well' at Nazareth
At Capernaum
Church of the Beatitudes
Garden, Gethsemane

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