Israel 2023

Our group of 8 had a very good pilgrimage to Israel & the palestinian territories.

Our assigned tour guide and main driver were both believers in Christ. We were given lots of thought-provoking commentary at each place by our guide. Enjoy the photos slideshow (you can move photos along).

Visiting the Pater Noster Church, Mount of Olives. Seeing the Lord's Prayer in many languages.
'Our Father' prayer in Hebrew
View of Jerusalem's Old City from Mount of Olives
Qumran, Dead Sea scrolls discovery area
Masada fortress, cable car ride to the top
View of the Dead Sea (Salt Sea)
St. George's Monastery at Wadi Qelt in West Bank
At the Jordan where John had baptised...
At Nazareth
'Mary's Well' at Nazareth
At Capernaum
Church of the Beatitudes
Garden, Gethsemane