Thoughts for the Month


14 April         Freedom in Christ 6 – Handling our emotions

God has created us with emotions – we think of some of some of them as positive and some of them as painful.  Sometimes they can run away with us.  In order to live in freedom in Christ we need to handle our emotions well, and not let them control us. 

21 April         Freedom in Christ 7 – Forgiving from the heart

One of the most difficult things to do is to forgive others.  But unless we forgive others we will not enjoy freedom in Christ.  We will explore what forgiveness is not, what forgiveness is, and how to forgive others.

28 April      Freedom in Christ 8 – Renewing the mind

We all have mental strongholds – ways of thinking that are not in line with God’s truth.  This week we identify how strongholds get built, and how we can demolish them as our minds are renewed in line with God’s word.